How to make Money on CPA Offers for Noobs, Rookies & Idiots

Technical Difficulty: 3 out of 5

In this tutorial I’m going to teach you how to make money with CPA (cost per action) offers.
CPA offer is one of my absolute favorite ways to make money online. I love it because you do not need a website or anything else to get started.
A CPA offer can be just about anything from signing up for a free dating account to an insurance quote.

This tutorial will teach you the following:

  • Where to find the CPA offers you want to promote
  • What CPA offers you can promote
  • How to drive traffic to the CPA offer

Where can I find the CPA offers I want to promote?
I have a few sites I recommend. I recommend them because they are high paying companies, they pay on time and they have been around for a while.
They are all free to join. I recommend joining them all and then pick the CPA offers from each of them you like the most.

More than 600 CPA offers to promote.

More than 500 CPA offers you can promote.

What CPA offers I can promote?
The possibilities are endless if you have joined to two companies I have recommended.
Below I have listed a few different CPA offer categories to give you an idea of what you have to choose from. Note that there are many other categories to choose from than the ones I have listed.

Dating CPA offers:
There are more than 150 different dating CPA offers for you to promote.
A dating CPA is an offer where a company will pay you up to $7 to send them a user that signs up for a free account. That’s right. The user does not have to spend any money for you to get paid.

Freebie CPA offers:
There are more than 400 different freebie CPA offers for you to promote.
A freebie offer is an offer where a company will pay you up to $3 to to send them a user that signs up for a free service. This could be a free competition or a free gift card. Again, the user does not have to spend any money for you to get paid. Here is an example of a website that only promotes freebie offers.

Insurance CPA offers:
Insurance companies pay up to about $10 for you to send them a user that signs up for an insurance quote. This can be auto insurance, home insurance or any other insurance. Once the users submits the quote form you get paid.

Surf around in the and see the 1000’s of CPA offers the companies have for you to promote.

How do I drive traffic to an CPA offer?
The last part of this tutorial is the most important one.
I have split it up into two parts. How to drive FREE traffic to an CPA offer and How to drive PAID traffic to an CPA offer.
If you want to make big money promoting CPA offers you will have to buy some traffic. I totally understand if you do not want to do this at first. If you want to test the waters first you can start of using only free traffic. When you understand how things work, you should start using paid traffic. You can make 10 times more that way.

How to drive FREE traffic to an CPA offer
Free traffic means you will have to do some work. Below I have listed different methods of getting free traffic to a CPA offer. Each method is a link to a page that explains that method in detail.
Free Traffic From Yahoo Answers
Free Traffic From YouTube
Free Traffic By Writing Articles (coming soon)

How to drive PAID traffic to an CPA offer
As I said before, this is where the big money is in CPA money making.
It might seem strange that you will make more money by paying for traffic comparing to free traffic.
Let me explain why that is. With free traffic you will not get tons of traffic. You might get a 100 users a day to an offer if you do the work. Those 100 users may result in 5 users actually signing up and getting you paid. If the CPA offer paid $5 per sign up, you would have made $25. Not bad, but could be much better. If you buy traffic and get 1000 users a day that should result in 50 sign ups. If you pay $0.10 per user you will spend $100 per day and the 50 sign ups will make you $250. That would be a profit of $150 compared to $25. This is of course just an fictive example to explain the difference.
Another great thing about paid traffic compared to free traffic is that it takes a lot less work. You can set up an campaign an sit back and see the results. No campaign is perfect from the start. It always need edits to make it run perfect. I will go into more detail about this later.

You do not have to risk big money to get started. You can set your daily budget to $10 or what ever number you are comfortable with.

Companies where you can buy traffic
I do not recommend AdSense or Yahoo! Advertising. The reason is that they are expensive, difficult and hard to please.
Here are the companies that I recommend. 7Search, Miva, AdKnowledge and Ask.
Setting up campaigns with these companies is easy, they have quality traffic and they are cheap.
I recommend starting with 7Search. I do this for a couple of reasons.
1. They are the cheapest of the all.
2. When you set up a campaign you will start seeing results after only 20 minutes. Some of the other companies takes 24 hours for every little campaign edit.
3. Perfect for testing. Testing is no fun is you have to wait 24 hours before your edits have taking effect. With 7Search your edits work right away, making it the perfect place to start of your campaigns. When you have working campaigns, you can then add them to the other networks.

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