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Real Writing Jobs is a website that will show you how to get the freelance writing jobs you want. You get access to hundreds of writing  jobs that are a ready to be filled. There are all kinds of writing jobs available. You can find jobs on anything from writing blog posts, proofreading, writing articles to reviews. The earning potential is really unlimited. If you are willing to do the work they will pay you good money.

Members also gets training and tutorials on how to become a freelance writer. A membership comes with unlimited help and support.

The Bad News
Now let me get the bad news out of the way. To join you have to pay $5. This will get you a trial that works for 7 days. In other words they let you test their system for 7 days to see if you like it or not for a small price.
In these 7 days you will see how it works and see what kind of money you can make. After the 7 days are up you have to pay $77 to keep your account. This is a one time thing and you will not be billed again. If you don’t like what the system you have to cancel your account in the first 7 days.

The Good News
It works. Most jobs pay out immediately after completion of the assignment. Most companies have PayPal as a payment option, but each job will let you know what payout options are available before you start doing the work.
You do not have to be a professional writer to get jobs. There are jobs for every skill level. Naturally you will have more options that better skills you have.
If you have any questions about anything their support is amazing.

What Does Their Users Say?
The first thing I did before I even joined was to read blogs and forums to see what actual users were saying about the site. I don’t think I found a single negative comment. User experience went from good to fantastic. This is what made me decide to do this review in the first place.

This website works and it works well. You can make a lot of money with their system. If you are looking for a hands free way to make money this is not for you and you should look at some of my other tutorials instead.

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  • Susan

    I signed up with Real Writing Jobs six months ago or so. (Started freelancing a year ago)
    I have 3 different websites I use to make a living doing writing jobs. On top of that I have few contacts I have made this first year.

    Real Writing Jobs is the real deal. It’s a fantastic service that makes it so much easier finding the right jobs. It’s my favorite service so far.

    Looking forward to other reviews of freelance writing services. Thanks

  • charlie

    I’ve been looking for a good freelance website.
    I have been getting all my work from posting on forums.
    Signed up with Real Writing Jobs 3 days ago.

    I can review this site in one word. Amazing!

    Thanks for the tip 🙂

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