Making Money with Online Surveys – This is How You Do It

Technical Difficulty: 2 out of 5

The big question is “Can I make money doing online surveys”. The answer is yes. You will not get rich. Some people think they can make thousands and thousands of dollars per week taking online surveys.
This is not possible. There simply aren’t surveys enough to take. You can however make $200-$300 dollars per week doing this when you have the time.

How to get started
The first thing you need to do is sign up with different survey companies. The more you sign up to the more money you will make. Most survey companies will only offer you a couple of surveys to take per day. For this reason you need more accounts from different companies to keep the flow of surveys to take coming.

Pick the right companies
Some companies has a start up fees for you to pay. Ignore these companies. The real survey companies are free, you don’t need to pay a dollar to get started. I will guide you to my recommended survey companies below.

Create an email account
I recommend setting up a free email account for this “job”. Getting several emails per day to your regular email about surveys is not ideal. If you setup an account just for this you can check you email when you have time to do surveys and not be bothered by it the rest of the time.

How much will you make
An average survey takes about 20 minutes and will make you $15 on average. As I said. You will not get rich, but you can make a good amount of extra cash this way. Some surveys will not make you any money. Some surveys will give you points that can be spent on products.

The Best Paying Survey Sites

In the sea of bad “Get paid to do surveys” programs I have created a list of the best survey programs I have found. All these programs are legit, and will pay you money and goods for completing surveys.

Treasure Trooper Rating: 5/5
Treasure Trooper is one of the best programs for getting paid for doing online surveys. It’s free naturally like all good survey programs are. I find is easy to make a nice amount of cash daily just by doing some simple surveys and complete other offers. With Treasure Trooper there is no guessing. You know how much you will earn on each survey you take. On top of that they pay you 20% of what your friends make if you refer them to the program.
Visit Treasure Trooper Here

AW Surveys Rating: 4/5
When you sign up you will earn your first $27 easy. After this the surveys are harder to find. The surveys usually paid out about $4 per survey. One problem I have with AW Surveys is that you have to earn $75 before you can be paid. Most companies have a pay out at $25 dollars.
Visit AW Surveys Here

Cash Crate Rating: 4/5
Cash Crate is another solid survey program. The pay out is not as high as on Treasure Trooper, but it’s a good extra program to sign up to. You also get 20% of what your friends make when you refer them.
They update their offers daily so there is plenty to choose from.
Visit Cash Crate Here

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  • surveys that pay money

    I began taking surveys a couple of months ago and continually to make small amount of money every now and then, but nothing to survive off of like they claim. I largely just make small purchases on-line via PayPal as soon as I get paid so it’s not too bad.

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