The Ultimate Guide To Making Money With Google AdSense

Technical Difficulty: 4 out of 5

This is a category that is not for the rookies. To make money with Google AdSense you need to have or create your own website .
AdSense is great if your content fits. If it doesn’t it’s just about the worst affiliate program there is. AdSense is all about topics and keywords. If you own a humor site you can forget putting AdSense on it. It will make you very little money even if you have tons of visitors. I have created some AdSense sites myself that makes $500 per month with only 200 visitors per day. These sites are on complete auto-pilot, meaning I never do any work on them. They just run themselves and live of search engine traffic alone. I have created a little guide on how I create these sites, and what products I recommend to make doing so a lot easier.
My guide is short and to the point. If you want a guide that goes through every little detail there is with both videos and text I recommend George Browns Google Sniper. It is simply the best guide there is on how to make the big bucks with AdSense

How to make a money making auto-pilot AdSense site

The first thing you need to do is find a good topic
A good topic needs to meet the following standards.

  • High search volume on Google every month. I recommend no less than 2500 searches per month.
  • Low number of search results. When you do a search for your keyword phrases you should get no more than 10,000 results.
  • Your keywords/topics should be high paying on AdSense. How do you find such a topic?
    It’s easy. I use the program Micro Niche Finder.
    You type in a topic you would like to make a site about like “How to make money online”. The program will then find results on your search and a lot of searches like it. It will tell you how many searches per month Google gets on each search phase and how many results every search gets. On top of that it will show you what the average price per click is on each keyword phase and what the level of competition is.
    After you have picked a search phase that gets more than 2500 searches per month and have less than 10000 results you need to buy a domain for your search.

Buying your domain
You have your keyword phase. Lets say you picked “Online Money Guide”. Then you should find a domain that has all three words in it. This is very important. Google rates keywords in domains very high. An example could be

Creating your website
I would highly recommend using Word Press. Even if you are killer at making websites. Word Press is easy, fast and very search engine friendly.

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