Make Money with PeerFly CPA Offers

In this video tutorial I’m going to show you how you can make money promoting PeerFly CPA offers using Paid 7Search traffic.
For the best quality turn it to HD and watch it in full screen.

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As you can see it is east to make money with 7search.


  • addicted22

    Thanks. u r a champion. I already create an campaign, can you please tell how did u verify you conversion url? I tried everything using url in verify, but it keep saying unable to verified. I pasted the pixel in the tools at the offer in peerfly, but seems not working for me. Please let me know..

  • addicted22

    if u see on top when u click on track it, there is url required to verify that? I am talking about that. I already pasted the pixel in tools but still can’t able to get the tracking. Do I have to wait for about 5-6 conversions? Please reply. btw i can see on ur video u have url verified there. I dunno how did u do that.


  • Thanks for the tutorial.

    The keyword research part is the most confusing to me. Ive used Bidvertiser to send traffic to CPA offers but the results were not good.

    When selecting keywords should you choose ones which are below a certain monthly exact search criteria so the CPC isn’t as high?

  • admin


    No. You should choose whatever keywords you think will generate sales. No matter how much traffic it has.
    Only after you have seen the keywords cpc vs conventions can you judge if it is a good keyword or not.

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