Easy Guide To Making Passive Income With Adfly

In 5 minutes I will show you have to make passive income with AdFly in 4 easy steps.
You can make anywhere from $5 per day to $100+. It all depends on how much effort you put in to it.
You can withdraw money as soon as you have earned $5.
AdFly is a simply URL shortener that displays ads before to user can skip to the page they want to visit. That ad is what makes you money when the URL has been generated on your AdFly account.

There are two ways you can make money on AdFly

The First Way – Active Money

You make money when someone clicks on an AdFly link that you have created. Let’s call this making active money since it requires you to make the link and share it online.

The Second Way – Passive Money

When someone signs up to AdFly with your referral link you get paid 20% of what they earn. This means that if you get 100 people who sign up by clicking your referral link that each is making $100 per month. You will make $2000 per month without doing any work. This is what is called making passive money. This requires you to do work in the beginning but will continue to make you money for years to come even if you do not do any work.

Now lets get you started on making passive income with AdFly in four simple steps.

Step One – Create an AdFly account

Anybody can join. It does not matter where in the world you live.

You go to AdFly by clicking here. This is a referral link. This is the link that is going to making both you and me a great deal of passive income. I will explain why this referral link is going to be your way to make passive income in step number 3.
Click “Join Now” on the page and fill out the boxes.

sign up and create an account with adfly

Type in your name, username, email and password. Select “Link Shrinker” as account type and click “Agree to the terms and conditions”.

Step Two – Collect Your Referral Link

This is the link that will make you passive income. Click on “Referrals” in the top menu. This will take you to the page where your referral link is located.

adfly referral link

Your referral ID is the numbers that are highlighted in the picture. These numbers are unique to you. Copy those numbers. Not the entire link. Just the numbers and paste them into the box below:


After you have added the numbers into the box you click submit. This will reload this page and put your AdFly ID into the referral link instead of mine.

After this is done you will see your AdFly ID in the URL. This makes your referral link replace the original on this guide. I other words. If you send someone a link to this guide with your referral link in it. They will sign up under you.

Step Three – Promote this guide with your referral link in it

This is easy. You can promote this guide in lots of places. But make sure you only pick places that are relevant.

Places where you can share this guide with your referral link in it:

  • A YouTube video comment about making money online.
  • On Facebook to share with your friends.
  • Twitter to share with followers.
  • On forums that have content related to making money online.
  • On comments on blogs that are relevant.
  • Anywhere where you think it would be useful for the users.

Step four – Make Passive Income

After you have share this guide online with your referral link in it you will begin to make money by getting 20% of the earnings that the people who has signed up makes. You can repeat step number three as many times as you want to make your passive income grow.

In the beginning I recommend making some active money as well. This is done by sharing interesting content online. Just pick a URL to something interesting, shrink it and share it where you see fint.

Check out my new site that has a category with money making videos.

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