How to make $100 per day as a freelance writer on Textbroker

Textbroker: An Opportunity in a Sea of Scams
The internet is rife with scammers, swindlers, and hustlers. In the dangerous waters of freelance writing, sharks lurk beneath the waves in especially alarming numbers. Content mills can be some of the worst offenders. The high profit margins enjoyed inspire many content-creation websites to pay their authors pennies on the dollar, if they even pay them at all. Despite this, some content mills churn out both professional articles and excellent opportunities for millions of authors annually. If freelance writers fail to discern the good from the bad, they will likely succumb to the unfair writing sites which continue to prey upon newbies to the field. One of the most legitimate content mills out there goes by the name of Textbroker. With dedication, writers can make at least $100 per day writing for this organization.

What is Textbroker?
Textbroker is a content mill. This means that they make their money off of pairing clients who need a piece of text written with authors who want to write it. With payments of .7 cents per word or more, the site offers some of the best pay in the industry. Additionally, by offering work to authors of all skill levels, Textbroker presents an excellent opportunity to both veterans and novices to the field of content writing. Sound’s pretty great, right?

What Makes Textbroker So Special?
Textbroker has put a lot of work into making their site stand out from all others in the field of content writing. In addition to boasting a wonderful site for businesses to get content from, their simple interface lends itself to ease for even the newest of writers.
The pay is excellent. Unmatched by most other organizations, a writer would be hard-pressed to find another content-creation site that offers pay of nearly one cent to their lowest-paid authors.
Further, Textbroker’s unique weekly payment system allows authors to claim their cash much faster than they could on the site’s competitors.

The Sign-Up
Signing up for Textbroker is incredibly easy. Potential writers only need to provide information like their name, address, email, and a password to begin. After verifying their email, all applicants to Textbroker must face the dreaded ‘submission form’ for the first time.
Note that only US writers are allowed to write for Textbroker. Writers must provide identification upon acceptance, and must fill out tax forms to cash out payments.
The submission form is how the company’s writers submit their work. This system is the same one which new writers use to strut their stuff for the editors. Writers are supposed to concoct a 150-word article on a topic provided. Following it submission to Textbroker, writers will receive their first rating.

What’s With All the Ratings?
Textbroker’s unique rating system is one of the strongest aspects of their business model. It’s very simple. When clients want something written, they first must decide which classification of writer they want to hire. For authors, the main reason for the rating system is that it determines how much a writer is paid per word.
A two-star author is paid .7 cents per word. Three-stars receive one cent per word. Following the submission of a sample, writers are given the first rating of many. The goal of any new writer should be to get rated as a four-star author. These professionals are paid a whopping 1.7 cents per word. While it may not seem like that, it really does add up. Potential earnings more than double when authors choose to take on team orders.

Team Orders
Most of the orders new authors take on when they are initially rated are in the ‘open order’ pool. These orders can be claimed by any author. As such, they pay the base amount for a classification– .7 cents for a two-star author, one cent for a three-star author, and 1.7 cents for a four-star author.
Team orders, however, offer increased earnings for those who participate in them. New authors can immediately apply to a team and, if accepted, begin claiming orders. Many team orders are for what Textbroker calls ‘managed clients.’ As such, many teams are selective with who can help out, but generous with their pay.
By becoming member of a team, new authors can double, even triple, their potential earnings.

Direct Orders
Direct orders are the highest-paying gigs on Textbroker. Authors set their own prices for these orders, and are directly sought out by clients seeking their expertise. Because of this, authors should always try to build a world-class reputation on Textbroker. Much like in the real world, writers for Textbroker should work to put forward their best work in the hopes of drawing in weekly clientele who pay far more than open order prices.
Through a combination of direct orders, team orders, and open orders, a writer could easily make anywhere from $50-$300 per day.

Moving Up the Ladder: The Review System
Another interesting aspect of writing for Textbroker is their review system. Each time an author submits an article and it is accepted by the client, that piece of writing has a chance of being reviewed by the Textbroker editing team. These reviews, while occasionally few and far between, provide writers with the opportunity to move up to a higher classification of writer.
Remember, however, that these constant ratings also mean that experienced writers could move down in classification from one week to another. Rather than being a downside to working for Textbroker, the rating system is actually their best strength.
Each rating by the editors provides the writers with in-depth feedback on the errors they made in their writing. Because of this, authors on Textbroker are always working to improve their trade.

Five-Star Status
The highest paid writers on Textbroker have reached the prestigious status of a five-star writer. The first step on the road to moving from a four to a five-star writer is to pass the proofreading test.
Rife with difficult questions of punctuation, spelling, and capitalization, getting the 90% required to pass the test is no easy task. The good news, though, is that as soon as a writer passes the test they are immediately reviewed for five-star classification.
If writers pay constant heed to the notes of editors and continue to work to build both a name and a style for themselves, becoming a five-star writer is an admirable goal which can increase earnings ten-fold.

The internet is filled with fake opportunities disguising themselves as a genuine way for writers to earn money. Textbroker stands alone as a genuine content-creation site with real possibilities. With hard work, even new writers could earn $100 per day.

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