How to get that Delicious Free Traffic From Yahoo Answers

Technical Difficulty: 1 out of 5

Getting free traffic from Yahoo Answers is very easy.
People ask a question, you give them the answer. In your answer you include your source which always is your website link or the CPA offer you are promoting.
Before you run of to Yahoo Answers you should keep reading the basic rules you need to follow.

  • Do not spam. There are many spammers on Yahoo answers (people who post the same answer again and again). Sure this gets them traffic, but the success is short lived. The answers gets deleted. Write your answers manually so their are different and relevant each time.
  • Be active. A new Yahoo Answers account starts with 100 points. You goal is to reach 250+ points. When you reach 250 points all the links you have posted becomes clickable, this makes your answers worth much more. You get points by writing answers and voting on other peoples questions/answers. If you do things right you should be at 250+ points after a few days.
  • Finding questions to answer is easy. Do a search for the topic you want to post answers in. Select the question to be no more than 3 days old. This way most of the questions will still be open to your answer. Do many searches for the same topic (auto insurance, car insurance, insurance quotes)
  • Only post answers to questions where you answer is relevant. If people are asking for auto insurance advise you should keep you answer about auto insurance and use your link to you auto insurance website or auto insurance CPA offer.
  • Always post your link in the source. Do not over do it by writing “click here”. This ticks the moderators of and you answers may get deleted.
  • Visit Yahoo Answers as often as you have time. In popular niches relevant questions are asked multiple times per day. It is a good idea to have several categories of questions you are looking for. This way you are optimising your visit.

Yahoo Answers is a great source for free traffic. It can be used in almost any category. If you have a website about a certain topic or a CPA offer on a certain topic, chances are people are asking questions about it.

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